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Our aim  at Rathmell School is to promote a good attendance for all children, as it contributes to good learning and achievement.
The law requires children to attend school every time the school is open to children, unless prevented, by illness or another satisfactory cause.  If a child is absent for any reason, parents are asked to telephone before 9.00am on the first day of absence.
Punctuality is expected.  Any child arriving after the close of registration at 9.15am will be marked as late.  If a child has not arrived at school by this time, or parents/carers have not contacted school, school will contact home to confirm the child is absent.  
Irregular attendance/punctuality and other matters affecting the welfare of children are the concern of Educational Welfare Workers, based in Skipton.  They are also in a position to be able to help parents/carers over such matters, including the eligibility for financial aid in relation to transport to and from school.
At Rathmell we promote good attendance through the  reward system of a termly attendance certificate. 
We encourage parents/carers  to book medical and dental appointments out of school time, but understand that this is not always possible.
Whole school attendance percentages are shared with Governors and parents via the school profile.


Holidays during term time


From September 2013 the school adopted more stringent rules concerning the application for holidays during term time, in line with government policy.


  • Holidays during term time may only be granted in exceptional circumstances and these must be detailed in a letter/formal application to the head teacher at least two weeks before the intended holiday period (however, later notice will be considered in very special instances).
  • If children do not attend school and do not receive head teacher consent then the school has no option but for the absence  to be recorded as unauthorised and a request will be made to issue individuals with a penalty notice.
  • A penalty notice of £60 would then be payable within the first 21 days and would rise to £120 thereafter. The LA will only fine parents/carers of children who have an attendance of less than 90%, which is construed as irregular attendance.
  • The Local Authority would then apply legal action if the penalty notice is not paid within 28 days of date of issue.  Legal action may result in a fine of up to £1,000 and a criminal record for each parent/carer and details would be placed on the child(rens) school file.
  • A copy of the government guidelines has been placed on our website, together with a flow chart which shows how the new rules will be managed. (Please see links below).
  • Each request will be considered on an individual basis and the head teacher will make allowance for exceptional family circumstances, however, holidays will not be approved as a right and if the circumstances are not exceptional then the head teacher will have no choice but to refuse consent and follow through the Penalty Notice. Parents are advised to come in and see the head teacher if they would like further details explaining.


Parents are advised to see the head teacher before booking a holiday.