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Governors' Specific Responsibilities



Governor Responsibilities: Academic Year: 2016 - 2017

Sue Gudgeon                                    SEND / Policies

Hilary Young                                      RE / PSHCEE / Science / Succession Planning

Edith Diggles                                     Art / Music / EYFS

Jacky Frankland                                School Visits

John Ketchell                                     Health & Safety / Humanities

Rosemary Rees                                  Safeguarding / Child Protection / Literacy / Prevent

Roger Vincent                                    ICT / Assessment / Computing / Finance & Premises

Kathryn Booth                                   Numeracy / MFL / PE / Swimming

Hilary Young                                       New Governor Induction


Governor Committees: Academic Year: 2016 - 2017

The Dismissal Committee                                         Kathryn Booth, Hilary Young, John Ketchell

The Dismissal Appeal Committee                            Rosemary Rees, Roger Vincent, Stephen Hogg

The Pupil Discipline Committee                               Rosemary Rees, Sue Gudgeon, John Ketchell

The Pupil Discipline Appeal Committee                  Hilary Young, Roger Vincent, Edith Diggles

Admissions Committee                                             Head Teacher, Hilary Young, Jacky Frankland

Finance, Premises & Staffing Committee:               Head Teacher, Roger Vincent, Stephen Hogg, Jacky Frankland

Curriculum Committee:                                              Rosemary Rees, Head Teacher, Jane Lait, Kathryn Booth, Edith Diggles,                                                                                          Sue Gudgeon, John Ketchell


Performance Management:                                       Hilary Young, Rosemary Rees, Roger Vincent

Emergency Response Committee:                           Head Teacher, Jane Lait, Rosemary Rees, John Ketchell, Hilary Young,                                                                                             Stephen Hogg, Georgina Dunkerley