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At Rathmell School we acknowledge that time spent on homework will vary according to the age and needs of the individual child.


In giving homework we aim:


  • To allow children to revisit, practice and reinforce learning.
  • To help children develop positive attitudes to learning.
  • To involve parents in their children’s work
  • To enhance the partnership between home and school.
  • To begin to develop routines which will be extended at Secondary School


We place a high emphasis on any activities undertaken “after” school, whether that be after school clubs or attending Brownies, Youth Club etc.


For homework, children are expected to learn lines for productions and performances within our school.
Instructions are usually written in the Home/School Link Book or in the Homework Book, , in order that children and parents are aware of the task set.


Parents, children and teachers all take responsibility for pupils learning when they sign the Home School Agreement.


Teachers feedback to children on all homework activities, either orally or by making written comments.