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Our Links Home and Abroad

We have been lucky enough to welcome children from the Bethany Project into our school recently. They are children from a charity run school in Tanzania. The school is run by a small team of Christians who work together to help the most vunerable children and people in a rural area. 

A link to the website is http://www.bethanyfamily.net/ if you would like to know more information. The spoke to us about their lives and sang some beautiful songs to us. 

Picture 1

The school has linked with St. Mary's and St. Peter's (Roman Catholic) Primary School for nearly ten years. Children from our schools have shared learning opportunities, visited one anothers schools and shared visits to museums, Long Preston Wetlands and the Yorkshire Dales National Park. We have learned about the contrasting localities in which our schools are situated, celebrating the differences and similarities between the cultures and traditions of the children in our schools.

Our partner school in China is Shanxi Experimental Primary School, situated in the city of Taiyuan. Coal mining and related industries are important to the Province of Shanxi.



Children enjoying the sunshine in the playground

The school has 3365 children and 175 staff. Our children have worked together sharing recipies and exchanging photographs on the events held within our school. 

The Head Teachers from both schools have visited one anothers' schools sharing a vision that this will continue into the future.


Children hard at work in the classroom.