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Terms of Reference - Finance & General Premises Committee


Finance & General Premises Committee     (This Committee has delegated authority)


Membership: Maximum of 7 Governors including the Head teacher, Chair and governors

In attendance:  Business Manager/School bursar


Observer/s:  As agreed by the governing body


Quorum: 4 Governors


Meetings: one per term to be decided at the start of the school year and more frequently if required

Terms of Reference:



1.      Ensure sound management of the schools financial situation and the achievement of Value for Money by monitoring and evaluating the school’s financial performance.

2.      Establish regular reporting procedures and make recommendations, where necessary to the Governing Body.

3.      Ensure the school’s development plan is fully costed and provides a sound basis for long term financial planning.

4.      Give consideration to the initial budget and long term financial plans and make recommendations to the Governing Body.

5.      Ensure that the school complies with the principles of Best Value in using the resources available to the school including consideration of the annual Best Value Statement and make recommendations to the Governing Body.

6.      Ensure that regular (at least annual) financial self-evaluation (including the use of local and national financial benchmarking data) is undertaken and that any other requirements to ensure that the accreditation for the Financial Management Standard for Schools is maintained, are undertaken.

7.      Give consideration to the signing off process of the annual Statement of Internal Control, with recommendations to the Governing Body.

8.      Regularly review the school’s policy on its level of balances and make     recommendations, as         appropriate, to the Governing Body.

9.      To evaluate the quality, cost and impact of services purchased from all outside providers, including the North Yorkshire County Council Children and Young People’s Service, before contracts are renewed. 

10.    To consider the priorities for use of the Devolved Capital Funding made available to the College and to make recommendations to the Governing Body. As well as LCVAP

11.    To consider the annual insurance requirements and make recommendations to the Governing Body.

12.    To receive the report of the Authority’s auditors and to act upon any recommendations made therein.

13.    Determine the school’s charging policy.

14.    To carry out an annual review of the school’s Budget Management Policy and to make recommendations to the Governing Body.

15.    To attend or commission appropriate training for Governors.




  1. To provide support and guidance for the head teacher  on all matters relating to the school premises
  2. To prepare and maintain, in conjunction with the Head, an Asset Management Plan for the school
  3. To inspect the school premises annually and prepare a report of the conditions and a proposed order of priorities for maintenance, improvement and development
  4. To approve the costs and arrangements for maintenance, repairs and redecoration, within the allocated budget and to oversee the preparation and implementation of building contracts;
  5. To formulate and implement proposals for the use of the Devolved Formula Capital and LCVAP
  6. To prepare, monitor and review an Accessibility Plan, which will meet the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001
  7. To agree procedures to be followed for carrying out emergency work and to make recommendations to the Governing Body about delegation to the Principal for taking appropriate action on behalf of the Governing Body in the event of an emergency
  8. To be aware of the specific responsibilities of Governors and the LA in relation to premises and ensure that the LA is informed of any matters for which it has responsibility. Also, to monitor these issues and take appropriate action where necessary;
  1. To report the findings of inspections and audits to the head and liaise with her to ensure that appropriate remedial action is taken (linked with Health & Safety, Item 7 below)
  2. To liaise and consult with DBE when appropriate and NYCC corporate landlords
  3. To discharge the responsibilities of the Governing Body regarding litter and refuse under the Environmental Protection Act 1990
  4. To prepare, adopt, implement and review, a plan for the reduction, re-use, refurbishment or recycling of waste
  5. To make decisions that require a spending commitment over and above the agreed budget provision
14. To attend or commission appropriate training for Governors